Emergency Rush Gearbox Repair Service

Open 24 Hours Every Day Seven Days A Week

Our Trained Technical Service Center is open every day with two work shift & managers on duty all the time to help with your repairs and service needs.

We do Every Brand Gearbox in house with every step under our 60.000 Sq-ft shop to update and improve your repair needs with over 40,000 of Bearings-Seals, Shims, Gears, Shafts, Bushings, Bearing Covers, for:

Philadelphia Gear, Westinghouse, Foote Jones, Horsburgh & Scott, Ge, Elliot, Terry, Lightnin Mixer, Falk, FL Smith, Maag, Eisenbeiss, Flender, Siemens, Link belt, Wilson, Hartig, Lufkin, Brevini, Foote Jones, Winsmith, Nuttall Lightnin Mixer, Philadelphia Mixer, Farrel Bandbury mixer, Hansen Transmissions & many more.

We have had our team trained in every gearbox make and model to insure that every gearbox is in 100% back to OEM standards. With our state of the art test stands, every gearbox is tested to 100 HP under a no load test for 4 to 8 hours with Mobile one 630 Grade oil. Once unit is tested we mark every unit serial number in our data system to ensure a 48 month guarantee from day of install.

Before purchasing a costly or hard to find replacement Industrial Gearbox, let us run the numbers and show you how it is actually much more economical to repair and rebuild your Industrial Gearbox. Not only is your Industrial Gearbox cost lower, our rapid turnaround minimizes pump downtime and disruption to your operating schedule. And because of our advanced engineering process and today's newer materials we're able to deliver an Industrial Gearbox that performs significantly better than when it was originally purchased and installed.

After servicing Industrial gearboxes from every manufacturer for over 60 years, Eastern Torque Services has earned its reputation as one of the nation's most reliable Industrial gearbox service providers.

We at Eastern Torque Service believe that our gearboxes deliver maximum performance and will outlast all our competitors in this industry… If we Don't have your parts in stock we can reverse engineer your Gear shaft or gearbox within 48 hours upon arrival! We will also offer same day quotes. Free Fright & Rigging On Every gearbox for Fast dependable repair service. We also do Gear Cutting, Gear Grinding, Gear Hobbing/Gear machining, Spline Cutting, and we carry forgings in stock From 12"OD to 60" OD 4140 4150 4340.

Our shop has Hard Industrial Chrome plating Laser Cladding, Micro Welding, Large Lathe Turning, Large Milling, CNC 6 Axis Boring, & Grinding OD-IDs. We cut gears faster than anyone in the industry!!!

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Eastern Torque Services offers rebuilds, spare parts, upgrades, and services for equipment from virtually any OEM.