After servicing Extruder gearboxes from every manufacturer for over 60 years, Eastern Torque Services has earned its reputation as one of the nation’s most reliable Extruder gearbox service providers.

We provide services for


Before purchasing a costly or hard to find replacement Extruder Gearbox, let us run the numbers and show you how it is actually much more economical to repair and rebuild your Extruder Gearbox. Not only is your Extruder Gearbox cost lower, our rapid turnaround minimizes pump downtime and disruption to your operating schedule. And because of our advanced engineering process and today’s newer materials we’re able to deliver an Extruder Gearbox that performs significantly better than when it was originally purchased and installed.

Eastern Torque Services offers rebuilds, spare parts, upgrades, and services for equipment from virtually any OEM.

With our german trained oem engineers let us be the facility to bring your extruder gearbox back online to run your product more efficiently, here at easterntorqueservices we have extensive experience with all makes and models of Davis-Standard, Egan, Sterling, Hartig, Lufkin, Wilson, Flender, Siemens, Krauss-maffei, Coperion/w&p, Baker Perkins, Henschel, Zambello, Sew, Falk, Philadelphia, Farrel, and so many more.

With a extensive stock of forgings such as 4140,4150,4340 we have the capabilities & capacity for custom gearing on size,make and model for your extruder gearbox, we also carry many different hobs & cutters for the most complicated gearing jobs!