Nationwide FLSmidth & Fuller-Kinyon™ repair service with 60+ years' experience in rebuilding and refurbishing.

FLSmidth / Fuller-Kinyon™ - New Parts Inventory

  • • Parts for all FLSmidth and Fuller-Kinyon™ Compressors; Fuller-Kinyon™ Pumps; Heila Cranes
  • • Parts For Fuller-Kinyon™ Type M Pumps
  • • Parts Breakdowns for Rotary Vane Compressors and all Fuller-Kinyon™ Pumps

FLSmidth / Fuller-Kinyon™ - Spare Parts Inventory

  • • We Inventory All Spare Parts for all FLSmidth / Fuller-Kinyon™ Compressors, Screw Pumps, etc.

FLSmidth / Fuller-Kinyon™ - Remanufactured Parts and Components Inventory

  • • Parts for FLSmidth and Fuller-Kinyon™ Compressor Cylinders, Rotors, Heads, Couplings, Lubricators, Non-return valves, Intake regulators, Bearing Retainers
  • • Components for FLSmidth / Fuller-Kinyon™ Compressor Cylinder Assemblies
  • • Replacement Parts for Fuller-Kinyon™ Type M Pumps
  • • Motors for all Fuller-Kinyon™ Compressors and all Fuller-Kinyon™ Pumps
  • • FLSmidth and Fuller-Kinyon™ Diverter Valves, Rotary Feeders, Slew Drives and all other parts & services

Repair and Rebuilding Specialists For FLSmidth and Fuller-Kinyon™ - All Makes, Sizes and Models.

Eastern Torque Solutions is a full service machine & industrial plating facility that can handle your most challenging machining problems with the speed and expertise you require, and at cost points that will keep your CFO happy.

With one of the most advanced engineering teams in the industry, and years of hands-on experience behind us, our goal is to help you repair, re-build, maintain and operate your FLSmidth and Fuller-Kinyon™ equipment more efficiently.

Our engineering and support team provides onsite equipment evaluation to identify and quantify problems, and recommends specific areas for cost effective improvements to maximize the performance of your equipment. Repairing an industrial pump or compressor that has been damaged is considerably cheaper than replacing it. Pump casings can be sand blasted and then coated with specialty materials to extend the life of your assets, while improving performance and reducing energy consumption. Screws and rotors are plated or coated with specialty coatings to get them functioning better than brand new.

Eastern Torque Solutions provides custom rebuilds at your site or at one of our conveniently located service centers. We maintain an extensive supply of FLSmidth and Fuller-Kinyon™ spare parts, which enables us to rebuild your equipment to factory specifications quickly and efficiently. We guarantee that your rebuilt equipment will operate as good as, or better than, new. We are so confident in our solutions that we unconditionally guarantee all our work for 24 – 36 months.